Sick of 90s Blogs run by 16 year olds who romaticise the decade?
S*ok. I was there.... in my bedroom making mix tapes off the radio, pining over Jared Leto, Crying over Kurt Cobain, and distraught that I could never be as amazing as Gwen Stefani. Slasher Flicks, Teen Angst, and Nicktoons were my life. Liv Tyler was amazing, Those Dawsons were both loved and hated. Underwear was outerwear, Vampires were suddenly angst ridden, Adam sandler was still funny, and Jay and Silent Bob taught us the ways of the force. Snoochi Boochis!
These were the days of my life. I will mix actual scans with web posts where I can. I dont update every day, and this is a secondary blog, so I can only follow back from my main. THANX!